The youngest guests are especially close to our hearts, and we are always open to their wishes. There is a field for games and toys and play equipment including pedal-cars indoors and out. Above all, our nearby farm in the village of Olmscheid offers children the chance:

  • to go on one ride on the tractor or the combine-harvester,
  • to help in bringing in the cows,
  • to tumble in the hay,
  • to be there when a little calf is born,
  • to cuddle the cats,
  • to bake apples in the camp-fire,
  • to enjoy rushing about in the play-area,
  • and at last to find out where the milk in the supermarket really comes from!

And we have one more special thing to offer the children who visit us:
The play-barn. While their parents are relaxing on their sun-loungers the children can come here and do what one wants to their hearts' content. Children's games, board-games, rushing-about games, gymnastics, painting:  no limits are placed on their imagination. A barn for hot days or rainy days.

Impressions from children's eyes (slide book PDF):